Aktuelle Termine

16.05.2019 , 12:30–16:30 Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India

The rapid spread of networked products and devices – or Internet of Things (IoT) devices – puts cyber security at the centre of attention across sectors. From manufacturing, healthcare, smart home to interconnected vehicles, cyber security solutions are needed that prevent negative impacts for people’s health and privacy, business activities, the environment, and national security. Given the international relevance of IoT device security, India and Germany collaborate on effective responses by the public and private sectors.

19.05.2019–23.05.2019 Xiamen

Die 8. Jahrestagung der Deutsch-Chinesischen Kommission Normung (DCKN) findet in diesem Jahr von 19. bis 23. Mai 2019 in Xiamen, Volksrepublik China statt. Veranstaltet wird die Tagung vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) und dem Staatlichen Normungsamt der VR China (SAC).