Latest news

Dr. Jens Gayko (SCI4.0) and Mr. LIU Dashan present the signed protocol of the plenary meeting

The Industrie 4.0/Intelligent Manufacturing Sub-Working Group of the Sino-German Commission for Standardisation Cooperation Commission is sounding out their goals for this year.

Testing voltage with a digital multimeter.

The Laboratory for National Standard Units of Measurement from the Indonesian National Standardization Agency (Badan Standardisasi Nasional, BSN) received international recognition of its Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC).

The fourth session of the Cycle of workshops explained German and Mexican approaches to standardisation and technical regulation.


German stakeholders discuss their goals and topics for the new work plan of the Quality Infrastructure Working Group at the virtual stakeholder consultation on 29 June.

The third workshop in the series: "A Systemic Approach to Quality Infrastructure" examined the QI elements of conformity assessment and accreditation. High-ranking participants discussed them in the Mexican, German and European contexts.

Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) introduced its current reform proposal to BMWi to obtain feedback from the German side.