Bilateral Workshop with CNCA about homologation and certification in the automotive industry

On 26 November 2015, Chinese and German experts came together to a bilateral workshop in Hangzhou chaired by BMWi and CNCA to discuss two project lines of the Sub-Working Group for Product Safety in the Automotive Industry. Breakthroughs were achieved in both project lines, “Technical Innovations” (PL1) and “Technical Harmonization” (PL3).


For PL1, it was decided to intensify the exchange in expert groups in order to establish a homologation procedure for technically innovative products in China as well as to work out an initial proposal for this purpose by mid-2016. In this process, the European exemption law shall be used as an example for the Chinese market. The law describes regular admission procedures for products which are safe but exceed the existing technical standards.


For PL3, it was decided to establish a steady communication channel for the German industry, enabling manufacturers to address needs and issues regarding the process of certification and homologation in China. Results shall be recorded in meeting protocols.


The workshop was preceded by intensive coordination efforts among the German experts as well as with CNCA. Among other things, preliminary talks between BMWi and German manufacturers took place on 23 November, followed by a preparatory workshop among the German experts on 25 November.

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