The Bureau of Indian Standards shifts to online test reports for Compulsory Registration Scheme

Photo credit: Pixabay

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) announced that test requests to the laboratories for the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) will only be accepted online from 1 June 2020 onward.


The CRS is a certification scheme for domestically manufactured and imported products, implemented by the BIS in 2012. Under the scheme, it is compulsory for manufacturers to get their products registered and tested to the relevant standards at BIS recognised laboratories in India. The registration entitles them to use the Standard Mark for Registration. At the moment, 49 product categories – mainly electronic, IT, and photovoltaic products – are covered by the CRS. Twelve more products will be included in October 2020 (see BIS website).


BIS introduced the online route for CRS in April 2019 (titled “SMART Registration”). This enabled applicants to generate a test request online after submitting the details of the product to be tested on the CRS website. After testing, the BIS recognised laboratories upload the test report directly to the CRS website without the need for submitting a hard copy. As a next step, BIS recognised laboratories will now only accept samples for testing when they are accompanied with an online test request, thus discontinuing the option for offline test reports.


The official notification by BIS can be found here. For further information on BIS certification schemes, please refer to our publication “Overview of India’s Quality Infrastructure”.

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