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Functional Safety is one of the most important standards in industrial safety. How can international cooperation for Functional Safety be shaped? We asked the two lead experts of the Sino-German Standardisation Cooperation Commission's Technical Expert Group Functional Safety Xiong Wenze and Peter Sieber in an interview.

The Mexican Ministry of Economy presented political guidelines reflecting relevant QI issues and the new Minister of Economy was appointed as President of the National Commission for QI.

At the 3rd Annual Working Group Meeting of the German-Mexican Dialogue on Quality Infrastructure the Work Plan 2021 was signed. It sets the basis for the cooperation on QI between Germany and Mexico.

At this year´s Preparatory Meeting for the Annual Meeting of the German-Mexican Working Group Quality Infrastructure stakeholders discussed their interests - an important step for elaborating the Work Plan 2021.

The Sino-German cooperation remains productive: Three new reports were jointly elaborated within two technical expert groups of the Sino-German Standardisation Cooperation Commission.

Our most recent publication sheds light on the common Sino-German view on functional safety issues in the Industrie 4.0/Intelligent Manufacturing environment. The paper elaborates on the rising complexity and interconnection among systems and analyses existing standards, specifications and provides recommendations to achieve safety.