2020-03-11 , 10:00–13:00 Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Scharnhorststr. 34-37, Berlin

The preparatory meeting on 11 March, 10:00-13:00, will take place as announced on the premises of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Scharnhorststr. 34-37, 10115 Berlin. We would like to point out that it will also be possible to participate in the preparatory meeting of the DCKN via video conference tool (zoom). If this is desired, please let us know by Monday 09 March so that we can send you the dial-in data. Please contact Tim Schürhoff (

2019-11-07–2019-11-11 Berlin

The 9th Meeting of the Sub-Working Group Industrie 4.0 / Intelligent Manufacturing of the Sino-German Standardisation Cooperation Commission (SGSCC) will take place on 7-8 and 11 November 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The meeting is politically lead by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R. China (MIIT).


2019-11-04–2019-11-05 Beijing

On 5 November, the Sino-German Working Group Product Safety and the Sino-German Working Group Accreditation and Conformity Assessment will each hold their 9th Annual Meeting in Beijing.

2019-05-19–2019-05-23 Xiamen

The 8th Annual Meeting of the Sino-German Standardisation Cooperation Commission (SGSCC) will take place between May 19-23 2019 in Xiamen, People´s Republic of China under the leadership of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Standardisation Administration of China (SAC).

2018-11-21–2018-11-22 Beijing

Second meeting in 2018 between the German and Chinese experts of the Sub-Working-Group Intelligent Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 of the German-Chinese Standardization Commission (DCKN).


2018-11-19–2018-11-20 Beijing

The second Symposium on Smart Manufacturing and Networking of the Manufacturing Processes in Beijing will discuss challenges and opportunities for Sino-German cooperation in the field of smart manufacturing / industry 4.0  with stakeholders from business, politics and science.

2018-11-01 , 09:00–17:00 Beijing. New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)

In several expert talks, Chinese experts will provide information on new sustainable product certification and factory evaluation standards for sustainable manufacturing. The presentations focus on the construction industry. Furthermore, short Q&A-sessions offer the opportunity to get into direct contact with the experts

2018-10-26–2018-10-28 Haikou

As part of the 84th International Forum on China Reform, the Global Project Quality Infrastructure (GPQI) will hold a presentation on the German system of standardisation.

2018-10-16 Shanghai

Erstes Arbeitstreffen der deutsch-chinesischen Experten zur gemeinsamen Bearbeitung des Use Cases zur IT-Sicherheit.

2018-10-13–2018-10-15 Nanjing

Die Länderkomponente China des GPQI richtet als Co-Organisator gemeinsam mit dem Chinesischen Institut für elektronische Normung (CESI) das Sub-Forum für Standardisierung aus.

2018-09-13 Fuzhou

Gemeinsame Veranstaltung zwischen GPQI und dem Nationalen Amt für Medizinprodukte (NMPA) China zum Thema Marktüberwachung von Medizingeräten anlässlich des China International Medical Device Regulatory Forum (CIMDR).